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If you’re searching for an experienced, reputable CPA or accountant in North Reading, MA, for your personal or small business filings this tax season, the staff at Sachetta and Company, LLC can help. Since 1984, our knowledgeable and highly educated staff has been working with individuals in the greater Boston area to provide them with the best and most comprehensive financial services.

Whether your needs are large or small, from simple filings to more complex small business situations, we’re ready to manage your finances while providing you with sound advice to ensure your financial future is a bright one.

Finding a Reputable CPA in North Reading, MA

You work hard to provide for yourself and for your family, which is why you deserve to work with a caring team that will collaborate with you to provide the most comprehensive and professional services available. We’re proud to offer each and every client with a wide range of services including:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Compilation & Review
  • Small Business Advisory
  • Personal Financial Planning

In addition, our team of accountants and financial professionals are dedicated to staying educated on changing tax codes and regulations in order to provide our clients with the most informed filings and suggestions for a stable, solid future.

Accountant for Individuals and Small Businesses

At Sachetta & Company, LLC, we believe two major areas set us apart from other financial firms: a commitment to client service and technology. Our commitment in providing the utmost customer service for all our clients has been a cornerstone for our business since its inception and continues to fuel the way we conduct business today. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to incorporating the newest and most trusted technology to provide our clients with efficient and accurate services while keeping costs down.

Steps to Contacting a CPA or Accountant in North Reading, MA

To learn more about our services or to set up an appointment with a CPA or accountant at Scahetta & Company, LLC, visit our website or give us a call at 781-233-4138 to set up a FREE initial consultation.


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