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Finding a reliable and knowledgeable tax preparation professional in Lynnfield, MA shouldn’t be difficult. In reality though, it can be hard to find a professional who will take the time to thoroughly review your documents and file your taxes with the care and patience of a trusted friend or family member.

For nearly 30 years, the team at Sachetta & Company, LLC has provided individuals and small business owners with the attention to detail and know-how you’d expect from a quality Certified Public Accounting firm in the greater Boston area.

The Certified Public Accountants at Sachetta & Company

Even though it’s an annual routine, filing your taxes by the April deadline can sneak up on a busy professional or small business owner like yourself. With all the things you have going on in your personal and professional life, wouldn’t it be nice to know you can count on a company to make sure you stay on the right financial path each year?

Our CPAs can help. Every tax professional at Sachetta & Company, LLC is held to the highest standards of educational excellence. More than half of them (including all of our partners) hold a master’s degree in taxation, and all are diligent in staying informed about changes in the industry that might affect our clients. In addition, our team’s superior and professional work ethic provides each and every client with the individualized attention that is essential when putting your financial information in someone else’s hands.

Password-Protected Online Resources for Clients

Every client receives complimentary access to our secure, password-protected Client Portal. Within the Portal, individuals can upload their tax documents to Sachetta & Company, LLC in a secure way. This allows our CPAs to access your records at the click of a mouse. Once your taxes have been filed, you’ll be able to electronically access them at any time to review or print. Best of all, we’ll keep your records for up to seven years.

For those who prefer traditional methods of sending and receiving documents, Sachetta & Company, LLC is happy to work with clients in person, through regular mail, or by email.

Free Initial Consultations Available

For those interested in learning more about our tax preparation services in Lynnfield, MA, or if you’d like to take advantage of a free initial consultation with one of our experienced CPAs, contact us at your earliest convenience to get started.


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